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Content Monitoring

What is it all about
It is the monitoring, collecting, processing and analysis of news, programme, write-ups, comments, etc from TV, radio, print, online newspapers, blogs, websites, etc and providing relevant insights on the content caputured.
The Information is provided for clients and prospects alike in user-friendly and usable manner. It is delivered to users on as-they-happen basis as alerts on mobile devices such as SMS, e-mail and as complete packaged reports.
This is to enable brand owners keep tab on events and activities on own brand, competitors and for damage control if need be.

For who?
It is relevant for all brand managers, corporate affairs managers, PR agencies, corporate bodies, regulatory agencies, individuals, politicians and political parties.

About Us

Media Monitoring Services Provides Media Monitoring and Marketing Research Services for the Nigerian markets since 1995. It is a private firm owned by some seasoned Nigerian professionals from the media and marketing industry especially. read more...


MMSNL operates a digital monitoring system which captures electronic media content and exposures automatically in real time using signatures. Out of Home Channels (OOH), though, monitored manually via physical visitations of sites, can be viewed on our websites ( using the Google map in the convenience of our clients's offices. read more...

Up Comming Events

Media Monitoring Adds Clip Provisioning to services offered to clients, now you can request for clips about events, recordings of Tv events and Radio Events at very cheap prices...
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