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Safety ambassador gives Nigeria's airspace clean bill


NIGERIA'S air safety ambassador, Benita Nzeribe, has assured the travelling public that they have nothing to fear, saying the country's airspace is very safe.

In an exclusive interview she granted the Nigerian Tribune at the Murtala Mu-hammed Airport on Monday, Nzeribe said that contrary to the negative comments about country's airspace, the navigational aids installed at the airports were func­tioning adequately.

According to the Nollywood actress, for the fact that the country had recorded some unfortunate accidents and incidents in the recent past should not be used to conclude that the airspace was not safe.

Explaining further, Nzeribe insisted that the records of many of the accidents or in­cidents was not attributed to poor naviga­tional aids or airspace problem.

"For the fact that there are crashes does not mean that the airspace is not safe and if an aircraft is faulty, does that amount to unsafe airspace?" she asked.

The safety ambassador who said in the course of her inspection of the naviga­tional equipment installed by the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) to keep the airspace safe for flying, she dis­covered that all the negative insinuations being raised about the country's airspace were borne out of mischief.

Her words; "As far as I am concerned, there is nothing negative anybody can tell me about the radar that I will believe. I have been to the control tower and saw the wonders being done by the radar."

According to her, rather than run down the present NAMA management, they should be commended for completing the Total Radar Coverage of Nigeria (TRA-CON) which was started about twelve years ago.

The completion of the radar project coupled with other state of the art flying aids equipment installed and the adequate training of the technical staff of the agency by the present managing director, Nnamdi Udo, has raised the bar of air safety in the country.

According to her, the NAMA Chief is striving to sustain an environment that promotes air safety particularly in the area of surveillance for pilots to fly with less talking from the controllers, where pi­lots can fly more directly to their airports of destination and this is called direct air navigation therefore, he should not be distracted.

Nzeribe took a swipe at the critics of the radar project saying such criticisms were not borne out of genuine love for the country but personal selfishness.

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